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Lots of our clients write to tell us about their experience with Infinity. Here are some of the highlights…

Gareth Norman

I began investing with Infinity in 2018 adopting a cautious investment strategy to protect my capital – retirement in mind. Infinity established and has subsequently successfully managed a low risk investment portfolio primarily using initially Stephen Bottomley and currently Elmira Donald; both capable consultants.

Martin Jewitt

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that you have provided over the last couple of weeks. You helped make a laborious process much, much easier. Thank you.

David Teng

I have used Infinity Solutions as my investment advisor for nearly two decades now.  I trust their integrity and professionalism in managing my investments. Getting a reliable advisor who can be trusted for sound and timely  advice is absolutely critical  especially if one is entrusting hard-earned funds to build a retirement nest-egg. The investment market-place is increasingly flooded by dodgy financial planners who are more interested in recommending risky investments to get high up-front commission and fees rather than to watch-out for the long-term interest of their clients. I can also depend on Infinity Solutions for regular performance reviews and for proactive portfolio rebalancing recommendations as and when the market changes over time or when my investment profile shifts from capital appreciation to one more of capital preservation.  Overall, I am happy with Trevor and his team at Infinity Solutions and has no qualms in recommending their services to long-term investors.

Santiphong Pimolsaengsuriya

The Havas Riverorchid group has worked with Trevor Keidan now for a number ofyears, commencing when we started our professional relationship with Infinity Solutions. 

We started working with Infinity, and principally with Trevor, due in large part to a dissatisfaction with our previous healthcare insurer. Our group is 300 plus people working across the 5 markets of Indochina and we have a myriad of insurance needs…for local staff & for expats combined. 

Working with Trevor has been a professional and personal pleasure. He’s the most knowledgeable insurance executive we have met in our near on 20 years working in Indochina and he has guided us through what can often be a healthcare maze at times. And he does so by going over and above the cause of client management, making himself personally available whenever we require his advice and service.  

We could not recommend Trevor and Infinity highly enough.

Brian Ritchie

As an expat living and working in the Asia region for over 20 years, I have been very fortunate to have benefited from the guidance and support of the team at Infinity. Back in the late 90’s I had little or no experience in personal financial management outside of my home country (even there my financial management may have been considered questionable). I made some poor choices and as a result, I encountered some financial problems and was not sure what I should do. Fortunately, about 15 plus years ago, I met Trevor Keidan. 

At this time, Trevor was starting up on his own. Trevor was a very professional, supportive and personable and supportive fellow who had very sound financial knowledge. Trevor helped me a great deal in re-establishing my priorities and realigning my financial plan. I have remained with Infinity Financial Solutions over the years as Trevor has further developed his team. 

During this period, I have benefitted from ongoing support in a broad range of areas related to personal financial management, health insurance, will management and retirement planning. There has always been an open dialogue with Trevor and the team, who have kept me well informed through financial reports, visibility of my portfolio and related advice. The entire team are always readily available to support the customer. 

My financial planning has remained on track due to the great support received from the team at Infinity Financial Solutions. 

Jim Preen
Head of Media at Crisis Solutions

My wife and I started working with Carl while we were expats living in Thailand. He helped enormously with our investment and pension planning. Although we no longer live in Asia, Carl still keeps us updated on a regular basis. I would recommend Carl to all expats who need advice on their investments and savings. He is not a typical pushy financial adviser, is easy to talk to, keeps appointments and is entirely professional.