4.9       34 reviews

Lots of our clients write to tell us about their experience with Infinity. Here are some of the highlights…

Thomas Fisher
Director at TF1 Solutions

I have been working with Carl professionally for over 12 years and known him for over 20 years and can’t speak highly enough of him. He is an honest and genuine guy who has always gone out of his way to help, especially when I needed to use his advice. I found Carl’s approach to be very professional and reliable and I am happy to recommend him to my network.

Mike Emson
VP, US Operations and NA Process Technology

I met with Carl over 3 and a half years ago and he has advised myself and my wife on our pension and savings plans. Carl is extremely professional and is committed to update us on a regular basis and also comes to visit for reviews. Whilst nothing can be guaranteed with investments, I am very pleased to see the regular growth in our funds under his advice. I would recommend Carl to expats who would like to make the most of their time overseas and save for their future.

Tania Goossens-Allen
Country Director and Representative, World Food Programme Peru

Adon has been my financial advisor for over four years now. Since Adon took over the management of my portfolio, I have seen my investments grow. Adon is always available for any questions and I very much trust his advice. I recently expanded my portfolio under Adon´s management because of his professionalism, availability and overall positive relationship with his clients. I really feel like my portfolio is in good hands and I don´t hesitate to recommend Adon as financial advisor.

Sylvain Zenatti
COO at Qlever IT

I have always been very sceptical with personal advisers as I have had poor experiences in the past. I was recommended to give Infinity a try and was appointed Dermot Monaghan.

I really appreciate the professionalism Dermot has demonstrated. He has never pressured me to sign and has always been very careful that I understand all the details of the investment plan (benefits, fees, risks, etc.).

I am extremely satisfied with the plan and the service I receive from Infinity. If you wish to have a well-managed investment plan with peace of mind I have no hesitation in recommending Dermot.

Colin Mearns
HSE Supt at PTTEP Drilling

I was with my previous pension advisor for five years and was unhappy with both the service and the performance of my investments. A work colleague recommended I speak with his adviser, Dermot Monaghan of Infinity.

I appointed Dermot in July 2014 after an initial review identified I was in a pension that was unsuitable for my personal circumstances and performing poorly. I have just met with Dermot for our planned quarterly review (Dec 2014). I was delighted that in the first 5 months since switching the funds we have seen excellent growth of around 4 to 5%.

If you have any questions on your current pension plans, savings or investments I strongly recommend meeting with Dermot. He is easy to talk to, very knowledgeable on financial planning, and may just help you make some extra money for that rainy day.

David Persey
Regional Teacher Trainer/Consultant at British Council

Along with quite a few other people in my organisation, I was not satisfied with the service provided by our previous pensions adviser and, a year ago, decided to change my broker to Steve Maddox at Infinity. With our previous adviser I found that there was no contact from one year to the next, nor any recommendations as to what I could do to improve the returns.

I now receive quarterly face to face service and review meetings, with access to a far improved investment selection and online access. My new pension actually also has lower charges. Personally, I have been very happy with the service provided by Steve Maddox and Infinity and would happily recommend them to anyone in similar circumstances.