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Lots of our clients write to tell us about their experience with Infinity. Here are some of the highlights…

Stephen Desmond
Al Musannah College of Technology, Oman

I’ve found that Infinity and Steve Maddox have provided continual support for my investments. This is from when I first became a client… and I’m pleased to say this level of service has continued following my relocation to the Middle-East.

Steve has always made himself available to answer any of my queries in a friendly, professional way. He has been especially helpful in helping me to iron-out all the problems and paperwork involved with relocation to the Middle-East.

Roy Avecilla
June 2018

I have known Mr. Adon Beddoes for the past five years or so as my financial adviser and in this capacity, I have found him as a very professional adviser who puts the needs of his clients in the forefront. He has expertly advised me on my financial portfolio and regularly keeps in touch on developments on the financial and currency markets. Any questions I may have are promptly answered which I truly appreciate. Indeed, I would say that his customer service in truly impeccable. I wholeheartedly would recommend Mr. Beddoes as an excellent Financial Adviser and Consultant.

Ian Kennedy
Air Asia Captain

Originally I started with Infinity because Chris Palmer was at that time looking after my portfolio and I had known Chris before he joined Infinity. After the sad departure of Chris very quickly Tom arrived to take over, I myself was starting a new job with Firefly Air in KL and I was very pleased to continue with Tom.

I was immediately impressed at his financial knowledge and the way he has always got time to go over an idea or offer sound advice. I am currently now with Air Asia based in Penang but I will continue to work with Tom and Infinity for the foreseeable future. Tom has already mentioned that my move too Penang does not present any problems for our future meetings.

Stefan Georg

I just wanted to write a letter about Vanessa [Vrdoljak] saying how helpful she has been to me over the last year or so. She has really gone over and above what I would expect of anyone in her line of work. Even when she had familial issues or other stress she was always able to be helpful in a timely manner.

Stephen Cokkinias
GM Ritz Carlton

I have enjoyed working with Tom Henson over the past few years. Not only has he provided some great advice about diversifying my portfolio, but he has always been very patient and responsive with my questions and extremely efficient with my special requests and transactions. In days like these, where “people do business with people they like”, I can see why Tom is so successful.

David Benson

I also had a previous financial advisor who contacted me once every two years and never offered advice other than all was well. Then I met Steve Maddox and learned the difference between a friendly but lackadaisical advisor and a professional one.

Steve and I meet every three months and I receive a full written report and sound advice as to how to proceed to get the best return on my savings. The quarterly magazine is a nice touch as well. I have already recommended Infinity and Steve to several friends and have no hesitation in doing so to anyone interested in professional financial advice from an efficient and friendly consultant.