4.9       34 reviews

Lots of our clients write to tell us about their experience with Infinity. Here are some of the highlights…

Olivier C
General Manager S. East Asia. Air conditioning manufacturer

What we appreciated the most with Nathan, was his patience and his listening capacity to understand our personal situation and objectives taking into consideration a variety of details and specifications, before proposing any investment plan.

Dion Cragg

Dealing with Lynda with ones personal financial issues is always done with the ease that makes you feel as though you’re having a ‘friendly chat’ with a neighbour – and yet is still done so on a very professional, factual and astute manner. She always comes across as extremely sincere that leaves one convinced that your best interests are being taken to heart – especially comforting in recent times where globally we have all been facing an extremely volatile prevailing economic climate. I sincerely endorse her to any future potential clients.

Solomon Abulu
Senior Reservoir Engineer, oil and gas

I started dealing with Infinity financial solutions since over one year ago. I find their services very good. Mr. Nathan Andrews has being handling all requests and queries professionally on behalf of Infinity. He calls me often to check if I have concerns about the growth of my investment I made through them. He gives me professional advice on the benefits of investing in the Funds at any time.

He is very friendly. I have found him helpful in personal matters as well; he will willingly offer assistance in these regards.

Finally, I am at rest with the investment I made through Infinity, because they are always on top of it to monitor and advise when necessary. I think Nathan is doing a great work!


Maks Mukundan

I have been associated with Judy Blair and Infinity for a number of years. They understand my investment objectives and have given good advice in line with my risk/reward objectives. Their service is excellent.

David Baily

Infinity have proved to be professional and thorough . Since joining Infinity my experience has been a very positive one – with regular feedback from Judy, reviews of my accounts plus receiving ongoing support and advice. I would happily recommend Judy /Infinity to anyone looking for independent financial advise.

Michele Johnson
General Manager, Human Resources Leighton International Limited

Infinity are not just a service provider, they are a true partner in employee benefits. They genuinely care about what is best for us, and we have built a strong relationship based on mutual trust and respect.