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Could You Save Money And Earn A Better Return By Transferring Your Pension To A SIPP?

Are you sticking with your old pension provider out of a false sense of loyalty or because you are not sure what better options there are around? In this article, I explain why you might want to consider UK pension transfers to a SIPP. The results of a recent UK survey by PensionBee regarding pension saving revealed…


Here’s Why ‘Can I Retire on $2 Million?’ Doesn’t Lead to an Excessive Lifestyle

Covid-19 has many things to answer for, and here’s another: the stress it is causing with regard to retirement savings. Saving enough money from monthly income for a comfortable retirement income is always a major source of financial stress, but the percentage of those worrying about an inadequate pension fund has risen due to the…


Workplace Pensions Are At Risk… And So Is The Uk’s Lifeboat Fund

Former UK pensions minister Steve Webb, who made headlines back in 2014 when pension freedoms were introduced by suggesting that it was ok for pensioners to blow their pensions on a Lamborghini, has issued a warning about the fragility of the UK’s Pension Protection Fund. The Pension Protection Fund is frequently described as a ‘lifeboat’…