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Inflation Is Back: Future-Proofing Your Retirement

Since the global financial crisis of 2008 prices have remained relatively stable in most of the developed world. But now inflation is back and it’s not good news for many retired British expatriates. We take a look at the reasons why and discuss how to future-proof your retirement. Global inflation is rising Since the global…


Five Top Tips To Reduce Financial Stress

1st to 5th November 2021 is International Stress Awareness Week. We take a look at the biggest causes of stress and steps you can take to eliminate them. Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century. It can trigger a wide range of emotional and physical conditions from depression and insomnia to high blood…


Flying The Nest To Uni: How Much Does It Cost? And Is It Worth It?

This week thousands of new undergraduates in the UK are starting university. Many are frightened at just how much their degree is going to cost but research shows that a university education is worth the money. Parents can ease the burden by planning ahead. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has just released…

04th November 2021
Lifting the Lid on your investments

This session is a follow-up to our webinar held on 28th October in which Gareth Lewis, Managing Director of Investment Strategy at Tilney, focused on structural changes to the global economy and longer-term drivers of high inflation.

Infinity hosted the webinar with Tilney to answer any of your questions arising from the earlier webinar with Gareth Lewis and took a deeper look at some of the funds currently in the Tilney Portfolios and why they are there.

We are pleased to enclose some content we think may be of interest.

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What is Wealth Management and What are Its Benefits?

Wealth management is the practice of handling the assets of individuals and businesses. Wealth managers assist you in achieving certain objectives, such as increasing investment returns and mitigating economic risks like price inflation or market swings through long-term investments in stable assets that provide capital gains over time; they also ensure that your money is…