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World Earth Day – Look At How To Make Your Investments More Green

22nd April 2021 is World Earth Day and now, more than ever, an important reminder that we all need to do our part in driving meaningful action for our planet. But where do you start? The doom-laden headlines can seem overwhelming and eco-anxiety has become a recognised psychological condition. Given the magnitude of the issues…


Why You Need To Make A Will … Even If You Think You Don’t

Making a will is a really important part of your financial planning. It is something many people neglect to do figuring that it’s administrative hassle that they don’t need to bother with, often because they don’t consider themselves wealthy enough to merit one or because they believe that their spouse and children will automatically inherit…


Financial Independence: What Is It? And How Can You Achieve It?

25th April is Financial Independence Awareness Day and the perfect opportunity to reflect on your financial situation and perhaps take some steps towards attaining financial independence. Financial independence is at the root of everything that we do here at Infinity although a surprisingly tricky concept to accurately define. We’re going to give it our best…