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Irish Budget

Irish budget 2024 roundup

The Irish budget for 2024 was announced last month. A strong Irish economy has enabled the government to make generous spending promises and create two new funds to support future investment and general spending. Jordan Donald gives a roundup of the main points.   Irish budget 2024 announced Tax increases in recent years have created…


How Ageing Your Face Online Can Help You Save More For Retirement

Are you putting off saving for retirement. Seeing an image of your future self might just spur you to take action! Which you definitely should. Saving for retirement is essential Far too many people aren’t saving for retirement. The figures are astounding. According to one 2020 survey I read, 17% of over 55s have no…


Why Is It So Hard To Save For Something So Far Away?- Hyperbolic Discounting

If you find it hard to save you can blame hyperbolic discounting. This economic theory explains why humans are hard-wired to seek instant gratification. Here’s the science behind why your bank account feels like a sieve! What is hyperbolic discounting? Hyperbolic discounting refers to the tendency for people to increasingly choose a smaller-sooner reward over…