Senior Financial Consultant When I provide a financial consultation, my approach is to treat my client like a business entity I am in collaboration with to achieve their goals and objectives. Through a combined client/consultant effort I seek to improve their strategies, stressing that actions without positive results are costly and a setback to their financial futures. My priority is always a successful end result.


Pay Yourself First

How do you manage your monthly finances? Maybe the following scenario sounds familiar. You have every intention of saving but you pay your essential bills – mortgage/rent, insurance and utilities – then you spend on the non-essentials that take your fancy over the course of the month – meals out, takeaways, clothes, gadgets – and…

benefits of budgeting

The Benefits Of Budgeting

All financial planning starts with budgeting. A budget is a roadmap for your finances. Just as you would find it very difficult to travel across an unknown city without a map, you will have trouble managing your finances without a budget. A budget is a list of all your household expenses including housing costs (rent/mortgage),…

insurance for my family

Which Insurance For My Family?

With family comes responsibility and that includes financial responsibility. Although financial planning is best started as soon as you begin your career, in reality becoming a parent is often the catalyst for many people to start taking their financial planning seriously. One really important element of financial planning from a peace of mind point of…