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Do I Need My Own Medical Insurance?

Anyone who is serious about getting their finances in order needs to consider their medical insurance, which comes under the wealth protection umbrella of financial planning. It’s key to have good medical cover which will give fast and efficient access to the treatment you need if you, or a member…

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Four Reasons In Favour Of Active Management

Few subjects get a debate going amongst investors and wealth managers as much as the passive versus active management one. In this post we put the case for active management. Passive investments are tied to a major index, such as the Dow Jones or the FTSE 100. The main principle…

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An Essential Basic Toolkit For New Expat

Travelling and living as an expat is a wonderfully exciting time but sometimes, with all the excitement, it is easy to forget certain practicalities and the risks that we face. There are some essentials that you need to put in place at the start, not only to protect yourself and…

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Infinity Wins Two Global Business Outlook Awards

Excellence in business is something that we continually strive for so it is gratifying to be rewarded by not one but two Global Business Outlook awards which recognise exactly that. The goal of the awards ‘is to make sure that innovation, creativity and the drive to create value gets its…

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What can a financial planner do for you?

What can a financial planner do for me?

Teenagers have a lot of information thrown at them at school from French verbs to calculus, from ox-bow lake formation to endless historical datas. What they don’t receive as part of their formal education is a grounding in the principles of financial planning. Given the total absence of basic financial…

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Financial Mistake You Can Avoid

It is a scenario that we as financial planners see time and again. Individuals who reach their forties, crossing the threshold from youth to middle age, and suddenly realise that they are halfway through their careers, that retirement is a lot closer than they thought and that they have yet…

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