Senior Financial ConsultantWhen I provide a financial consultation, my approach is to treat my client like a business entity I am in collaboration with to achieve their goals and objectives. Through a combined client/consultant effort I seek to improve their strategies, stressing that actions without positive results are costly and a setback to their financial futures. My priority is always a successful end result.
insurance for my family

Which Insurance For My Family?

With family comes responsibility and that includes financial responsibility. Although financial planning is best started as soon as you begin your career, in reality becoming a parent is often the catalyst for many people to start taking their financial planning seriously. One really important element of financial planning from a…

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US-China Trade War: Silver Lining For Vietnam

The trade war between the US and China has been rumbling on for some time now. Back in July 2018 China accused the US of starting ‘the biggest trade war in history’ when President Trump first imposed steep 25% tariffs on more than 800 Chinese products with a value of…

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Challenges Of US Citizens Living Abroad

Estimates on the number of US citizens living abroad vary wildly – I’ve seen anything from 2.2 million to 9 million – but one thing we do know is that they face some serious difficulties when it comes to finances, and the situation has become increasingly challenging in recent years.…

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