Senior Financial AdvisorI am a Swedish citizen with a Bachelor of Science in BA from Umea University. I have 30 years of experience in the finance industry, starting in Sweden and Switzerland. I’ve been living in Asia since 1995, when I moved to mainland China and became a pioneer in China’s financial industry. In my role working for China Securities Ltd, a local company, I was the only expatriate in around 3,200 employees! I initiated a co-operation with Skandia which become a great success for all involved.I was inspired to join Infinity when I saw the shocking number of expatriates moving to Asia without any kind of retirement plan and I enjoy helping people get this essential aspect of their lives in order.

Saving for your retirement: time is key

Whether you are retiring in the next few years or still have decades of your career stretching out in front of you, you should be asking yourself the question: am I on track for a financially comfortable retirement? From Singapore to South Africa, surveys around the globe are revealing that…

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