Financial ConsultantI have decades of experience in the financial services industry in South Africa. I worked for Discovery, the country’s largest insurer, for 16 years as a Specialist Consultant/Franchise Director, heading up many of their franchises, before moving to Regal, a leading financial advisory firm.I decided to relocate and join Infinity in Ho Chi Minh City which would give myself offshore experience in the industry and satisfy my craving to explore a different culture.

Financial planning for a stay-at-home spouse

I recently came across an article by Melinda Gates on Linkedin which stopped me in my tracks. It was this quote, from economist Marilyn Waring, which particularly resonated with me: ‘If you hired workers at the market rate to do all the unpaid work women do, unpaid work would be the biggest…

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Are forgotten assets losing you money?

Back in 2016 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK launched a review of the the life and pension sector’s closed-book business which revealed how they were exploiting their longest-serving customers. The review highlighted a number of failings including holding customers to unfair and outdated terms and conditions written…

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Why saving is the key to having it all for millennials

Saving is not something that the millennial cool cats are talking about. Instagram feeds are awash with envy-inducing photos of exotic locations around the world or picture-perfect plates of food from the hottest restaurant in town, all more likely to induce young people to splurge on a plane ticket to…

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