Protecting your kids from financial disaster

Who taught you about money management? School, your parents, no-one at all? The latter seems to be the case for most of my generation, with the majority muddling along working it out for themselves and trying to get to grips with budgeting, saving and understanding how interest works as they…

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know your customer

Know Your Customer: Why We Ask All The Questions We Do

I know that it can be frustrating for consumers to be constantly bombarded with questions and requests for proof of address documents and ID by everyone from utility companies, banks, insurers and, yes, your financial adviser. And while I know that it can seem superfluous, I’ve written this post to…

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money laundering global issue

Money Laundering: A Massive Global Problem

Would you care to take a guess at the amount of money that is laundered globally per year? Of course, it’s a difficult figure to calculate, given that we are talking about illegal activity, but according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) it’s somewhere between $800bn…

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insurance for my family

Which Insurance For My Family?

With family comes responsibility and that includes financial responsibility. Although financial planning is best started as soon as you begin your career, in reality becoming a parent is often the catalyst for many people to start taking their financial planning seriously. One really important element of financial planning from a…

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World Heart Day: Protect Your Precious Heart

29th September is World Heart Day which aims to spread awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD), the world’s number one killer. CVD, which includes heart disease and stroke, claims an astounding 17.9mn lives a year so anything we can do to prevent and control it has got to be a good…

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Things About Household Contents Insurance

1. Household contents insurance is non-negotiable It’s not obligatory by law however household contents insurance is something I advise all my clients to have. You no doubt have some items of worth in your home and probably more than you think. Once you start adding up the value of the…

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Rising To The Challenges Of Fintech Revolution

We are in the midst of a data and technology revolution and the financial services industry will need to evolve fast to deal with the issues that arise from that including the emergence of Fintech and technology-enabled platforms, how data is used, the increasing demand for digital products and cyber…

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Pound Has Been Ravaged By Brexit

It’s no exaggeration to say that the pound has been ravaged by Brexit. On the fateful night of 23rd June 2016, when it was announced that the UK had voted to leave the EU, sterling plummeted by 11% in a ‘flash crash’ the likes of which are extremely rare. Since…

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