climate change affects insurance premium

Climate Change Affects Insurance Premiums

Aside from a few hard-core climate deniers, most of us have woken up in recent years to the fact that we are irreparably damaging our planet and need to do something about it fast. Evidence of climate change is all around us, especially here in Asia. Back in 2014 the…

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insurance for my family

Which Insurance For My Family?

With family comes responsibility and that includes financial responsibility. Although financial planning is best started as soon as you begin your career, in reality becoming a parent is often the catalyst for many people to start taking their financial planning seriously. One really important element of financial planning from a…

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life insurance coverage

Do I Have Enough Life Insurance?

I’ve been carrying out lots of client review meetings recently – something which all advisers should do by the way so if yours doesn’t, it might be time to switch – and the issue of life insurance has been coming up a lot. These reviews have often thrown up clients…

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insurance you cant be without

Insurance, You Can’t Afford To Be Without It

Financial planning is all about creating wealth, right? Well yes and no. Saving – whether it is to stave off poverty in retirement/put your moody teens through school and university/buy that beachside holiday pad/insert your financial goal here – is the most obvious objective of financial planning but there is…

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life insurance as estate planning tool

Life Insurance: A Useful Estate Planning Tool

Estate planning is a really important part of the wealth protection element of a comprehensive financial plan and life insurance can play a number of roles in this, particularly if you should pass away suddenly and/or prematurely. I’d like to take a look at these below.  Immediate access to fund…

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World Heart Day: Protect Your Precious Heart

29th September is World Heart Day which aims to spread awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD), the world’s number one killer. CVD, which includes heart disease and stroke, claims an astounding 17.9mn lives a year so anything we can do to prevent and control it has got to be a good…

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Things About Household Contents Insurance

1. Household contents insurance is non-negotiable It’s not obligatory by law however household contents insurance is something I advise all my clients to have. You no doubt have some items of worth in your home and probably more than you think. Once you start adding up the value of the…

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Wealth Protection Is Neglected

It’s always interesting to pick up on common themes that come up in my client review meetings. One thing that I have noticed a lot recently is that while most people keep a close eye on the wealth creation side of things, and regularly review how their assets are performing,…

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