Trevor Keidan - Managing Director

Trevor Keidan

Managing Director

  • Based in Asia

About Trevor

Born in South Africa and resident in London for many years, my career working with expats in Asia started back in 2002 as a financial consultant based in Kuala Lumpur.

I very quickly realised I’d found my home in financial services, and in southeast Asia. A couple of years later in 2004, I started Infinity along with my business partners Judy Blair and Ben Bennett. Together we’ve grown the company steadily every year, and I’m proud to say that we now reach across most of the region, serving thousands of individual clients and companies.

Although I’m still active as a financial planning consultant for a small number of clients, I also have responsibility for the overall operations of the business. Being MD certainly has its challenges, and I do have to make a lot of really tough decisions, but I love my job, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I can honestly say that my main driving force at Infinity is a fundamental belief that good financial planning makes people’s lives better. People working abroad really do have an enviable opportunity to make a huge success of their lives, and making good financial decisions is essential…as well as working damn hard!

I am a holder of the Financial Advisers International Qualification and am also a member of The Chartered Insurance Institute, specialising in Financial Planning and Corporate Benefits. In addition, I hold various regional financial adviser qualifications in both Hong Kong and Singapore.