Case Studies

Case Study

An Indian national was looking for capital growth, but was also keen to reduce his future tax exposure.

Our client has been based in Malaysia for over 15 years, and works as a Director for a KL based company. He’s 50, and married with two children, his son is in College in Australia and his daughter in an international high school in Malaysia.

As he hopes to retire in the next five to ten years, he is looking for better capital growth on his surplus cash in a secure environment. He’s also keen to reduce his tax exposure on the income from his accumulated wealth after his return to India, whilst providing for the neat succession of his wealth to his family in the event of his death.

After establishing his cash needs to meet immediate and ongoing requirements, we identified an offshore reserve account which would hold his cash. He can also use his funds in the account to invest in all forms of investments consistent with his risk profile which yield a better return than cash.


The account is deemed a life assurance contract, so there is potential for him, as a returning Non-Resident Indian, to defer tax within the provisions of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. He can also use a free Trust or Beneficiary Nomination facility provided by the provider to ensure smooth succession of assets within the account to his intended beneficiaries.

As the account is domiciled in the Isle of Man, regulations provide a high level of policyholder protection.

Although he’s fond of parking his surplus funds in ‘safe’ bank deposits, his concern is the low interest rates on offer during the current period of high inflation.

Tax efficient investments for expats in Asia

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