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Case Study

This couple was surprised to find that their life insurance policies didn’t actually provide cover whilst they were expats.

Our clients are UK nationals and have been living as expats for a number of years. They are financially comfortable and have a good selection of investments – with an enviable company pension to look forward to. During our fact find, it became apparent that they have life insurance policies in the UK that only offered cover for 30 days if living outside of the UK, so didn’t actually provide cover whist they were expats. They had also been moving 80% of the main salary into their bank account …which was achieving less than 0.5%. We provided the couple with a detailed financial plan and recommendation that took into account all of the things which they felt were important.

Through a careful selection of funds, they opted for a short term flexible regular savings account which puts some of their disposable cash to better use. They are also relieved to now have an international life assurance policy which protects them both. They have have been clients for a while now and it’s always a pleasure to catch up with them every three months or so.

They were surprised to hear that about 70% of expats were in the same position.

Life insurance for expats in Asia

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