Case Studies

Case Study

A 50-year old CEO of an international bank was looking for medical cover for the future, that wouldn’t exclude existing conditions.

Our client’s employer provides full health insurance cover… but if he leaves his employer, he loses cover. He was concerned that this scenario could leave him with a situation where any existing health condition that he may have at the time he makes a new application might be ‘excluded’ from the cover.

To deal with this potential problem, he was looking at taking out a new policy, at his own expense, whilst he was still in good health. This policy had to be economical whilst still providing the required benefits at the relevant time.

After a detailed review of the various plans on the market, we identified a health insurance product from a major provider that would suit his needs well. The cover it provided was comprehensive, but for very affordable premiums. It also offered big discounts depending on the different levels of excess that was selected, as well as family discounts.

Our client was thinking ahead to a time when his employer didn’t provide health insurance.

Medical insurance for expats in Asia

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