Corporate Foreign Exchange Service

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    Add to your company’s bottom line with a professional currency management service.

    Juggling currency is an inevitable factor in doing business in a global economy.

    Moving money around the world and between different currencies is something very familiar to international companies. And, depending on the number and size of currency transactions, one that can add significantly to your business costs. Banks will typically charge a 2% to 4% foreign exchange on currency transfers, and with more ‘exotic’ currencies, this can be significantly higher.

    We review the available companies offering foreign exchange services and select what we believe to be the most suitable and well-regulated offerings in the market, and ensure they align with your needs and requirements.

    Because we do not have partnerships with these businesses, we have the ability to refer you to the business that is offering the best FX options to suit your individual needs.

    International Banking

    It is common for companies that work intentionally to often perform international transactions. For such international transactions, the exchange rate and foreign currencies the company is working with become essential.

    Financial institutions like Infinity can help you to find the right kind of service for your foreign exchange needs. We operate mainly in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia. When advising you about such services, we always bear in mind your individual foreign exchange risk portfolio and the foreign currencies you are working with as risk management is different depending on the currencies in your portfolio.

    Commercial Foreign Exchange/Corporate Foreign Exchange

    Navigating commercial foreign exchange can be daunting. There are a lot of banks to choose from, and the comparison of rates can be time-consuming. You also need to decide whether you want to open an international commercial account or a regular commercial account for your company. You want to be sure to get the best value for money for your business transactions.

    Infinity can help you find the best options available for your business to make the best of your capital and find the best rate for the services you require. We understand foreign currency risk, and the importance of healthy cash flows in businesses. FX markets can, at times, be unpredictable, and this is one of the FX risks that we can help you manage. Sound investment strategies can be a protective factor for your most precious commodity.

    Financial Institutions

    It can be complicated to navigate all of the options available to manage your company’s foreign exchange needs; therefore, Infinity solutions can do all of this for you. Acting as the middle man to make sure that your foreign exchange is taken care of by the best institutions for the job.

    International transactions should not be costing you an arm and a leg, no matter which currency or company you are working with. Exchange rates should be optimized to add to your capital, not to strain your business. Hand over your exchange controls to Infinity so that we can give you peace of mind.

    There are many factors to consider when you are reviewing risk management strategies for trading foreign currencies for your local currencies. It can be time-consuming for your staff or yourself to scour the market trying to find the latest and best FX options for the specific currency trading that you are working with. In fact, it can be overwhelming. So let Infinity guide you through the FX options on the market and find the transaction that ensures you the best value for your money.

    Types of Institutions that Work with Foreign Currency Exchange

    In a world where our futures lie in FX or foreign currency markets, we need to ensure that our corporate accounts are offering us the best price on the market. Our profits should not be lost in hidden fees for converting one currency to another.

    International banks manage foreign currency exchange often and have quite a lot of experience and well-established processes for foreign currency exchange. However, banks often charge a high price for FX payments, especially when the currency, like US Dollars, for example, fluctuates a lot.

    A state bank can also have some foreign currency experience, but the state bank might be more expensive, especially for a corporate account. While there are fewer risks involved, you will be sure that this reflects in your monthly payments.

    There are also specific financial institutions that deal with foreign currency transactions. These institutions will have a close eye and better understanding of the FX market and will know when is the best time to sell, depending on the countries that their customers are in. However, finding the one that offers the best deal can be difficult. This is where Infinity can help.

    Infinity has contact with various FX institutions that can help a business with foreign exchange transactions. Although we have relationships with different banks and institutions, we are not contracted to anyone specifically, so we can freely make the best choice for your business to protect your capital. Therefore, allowing us to guide you down a road that grows your capital and does not drain your account with foreign currency transactions. So let us assist you to access excellent dealers for your FX needs related to global markets today!

    FX payments are the future! Access and enhance your business potential one payment at a time.