Group Medical Insurance

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We help companies get the right medical insurance, at the right price.

Employees are the most important resource of most companies, and the standards of healthcare they receive vary greatly from country to country.

So for businesses that post expatriates abroad it’s essential to ensure these key people are protected and have access to top-quality medical care when required. In short, companies don’t want to get medical insurance wrong.

That’s why good advice is as important as the policy itself, and that’s where Infinity steps in. We have access to – and exclusive deals with – the leading specialist international medical insurance providers, enabling us to develop cost effective, made-to-measure plans to suit any size of business.

The types of cover and range of options can seem bewildering… and it can be very expensive. We’ve helped loads of companies get the right cover at the right price.

Infinity Corporate Benefits specialises in helping companies, big and small, set up group medical insurance across Asia.

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