International Group Pensions

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We make it easier to set up and run offshore group pensions.

For employees, a company pension can be an extremely attractive benefit, so it’s a great way for employers to attract and retain good people.

But identifying, setting up, and administering a pension scheme can be a daunting task for any business which is why we established Infinity Corporate Benefits to help companies in Asia set up international group pensions.

Our mission is to help and advise companies with every step of the process. And our years of experience in the complex offshore arena means that we’re perfectly placed to find the most appropriate – and cost effective – corporate pensions solutions.

We have exclusive arrangements with some of the world’s leading international pensions providers. And it’s this, along with our regional presence and experience enables us to identify flexible, tax-efficient schemes with built-in portability and, crucially, low levels of employer administration.

Infinity really can remove the hardship of setting up and administering an international group pension scheme…

Pension Insights


Inflation Is Back: Future-Proofing Your Retirement

Since the global financial crisis of 2008 prices have remained relatively stable in most of the developed world. But now inflation is back and it’s not good news for many retired British expatriates. We take a look at the reasons why and discuss how to future-proof your retirement. Global inflation is rising Since the global…


UK Pension Holders: Should You Apply For Lifetime Allowance Protections?

The lifetime allowance affects all pension holders in the UK with pensions worth over £1,073,100. If you fit into this category, you might be eligible for tax-saving protections. Carl Turner looks at the options below. What is the lifetime allowance? The lifetime allowance (LTA) is a limit on the amount of pension benefit that can…

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International Group Pensions
International Group Pensions
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Infinity really can remove the hardship of setting up and administering an international group pension scheme