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We make setting up and running an offshore group pension scheme easier.

A company international pension plan can be an extremely attractive benefit, especially for globally mobile employees. For employees, a company pension plan can be an extremely attractive benefit. It's a great way for employers to attract and retain good individuals for a long time.

For many employees, a pension fund makes critical contributions to their social security and work attitude. No matter where your business may be located, international group pensions -Malaysia, Vietnam, or Cambodia, are critical to the work environment employers create for employees. But identifying, setting up, and administering a pension plan can be a daunting task for any business. This is why we established Infinity Corporate Benefits to help companies in Asia set up international group pension schemes.

Our mission is to help and advise companies with every step of the pension scheme process. And our extensive experience in the complex offshore arena means that we’re perfectly placed to find the most appropriate – and cost-effective – corporate pension fund solutions. The benefits of partnering with Infinity are endless.

We have exclusive arrangements with some of the world’s leading international pension fund providers. Our ability to help employers make meaningful contributions to employees as years go by establishing a note-worthy pension scheme is unmatched. A pension must be beneficial to both employers and employees, where the social security of an employee is secured even as they age. Our regional presence through Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia make Infinity ideal partners. This, coupled with our age and experience, provides us with the ability to identify flexible, tax-efficient schemes with built-in portability and, crucially, low levels of employer administration. As a result, Infinity can remove the hardship of setting up and administering an international group pension scheme…

Infinity really can remove the hardship of setting up and administering an international group pension scheme…

Benefits of International Pension Plans

Gathering a large enough lump sum to one day reap the retirement benefits is no easy feat for expats. Employees often move between countries and thereby jurisdictions, many times throughout the course of their careers.

Each country has their own pension fund regulations set by the government coupled with varying tax regimes that hinder the success of pension schemes. If you think you may live abroad one day, you can benefit greatly from international pension plans.

International pension plans offer pension arrangements that allow you to enjoy tax-free growth on your investments. Most international pension plans are tailored especially for expatriate clients.

Advantages of an International Pension Plan
  • You can make payments on premiums can be made in a variety of currencies.
  • You can make payment contributions from anywhere in the world if you live abroad.
  • You will be able to access a wide range of investment funds.
  • Payments are flexible, and you can alter your contribution depending on your financial state. If you face financial challenges, you can simply fill out a form and decrease your monthly costs.
  • You can choose to have a lump sum paid out at once.
  • You can use your international pension plan to benefit from favourable tax treatment offered by specific government regulations.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from our thorough analysis of pension plans if you live or have ever lived abroad. Infinity really can remove the hardship of setting up and administering an international group pension scheme…

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