Risk and Liability Services

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    All companies require some form of specialist risk insurance to operate.

    All companies worldwide need certain types of specialist and risk insurance, sourcing these types of insurances can be difficult in some countries. Even then, once you have sourced them, are you getting the right advice and the appropriate insurance requirements for your business?

    Infinity as a broker can assist companies with this type of decision as we have several different providers who specialise in these types of risk insurance.

    The following are brief descriptions of some of these services available; for more detailed information, please get in contact with Infinity.

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    Product Liability Insurance

    This is comprehensive and includes the following areas of insurance.

    • Industrial – All Risks
    • Business Interruption
    • Contractor – All Risks
    • Advance – Loss of Risks
    • Commercial General Liability insurance
    • Legal Liability insurance
    • Employer Liability insurance
    • Public Liability insurance
    • Excess & Umbrella Liability insurance
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Errors & Omissions insurance
    • Directors & Officers Insurance
    • Employment Practices Insurance
    • Protection & Indemnity

    It is no secret that comprehensive insurance plans are more secure than specific plans. However, if a comprehensive plan is not what you are looking for, we have some more specific plans for your company.

    Kidnap & Ransom Risk Insurance

    For employees either visiting or working in high-risk areas of the world.

    This type of plan covers any losses from threats or actual kidnap and ransom cases. It would also cover any personal injury or damage of property due to kidnap and ransom activity. Unfortunately, this is more prevalent than one might think and is necessary for anyone in a high-risk area.

    This kind of policy would also protect the business from liability, especially in the case of personal injury or property damage. There will also be coverage for the actual ransom that might need to be paid.

    Aviation Insurance

    You are insuring assets to loss of license cover.

    Aside from the loss of license cover, the business will also be protected from liability in the case of property damage or bodily injury caused through the plane’s operation. This is especially important when operating planes that cross between countries or if you are regularly transporting private property.

    Please contact Infinity for more information on the ideal policy for your business.

    Marine Insurance

    This insures any maritime liability. Namely, loss or damage of property through the ownership or operation of ships. This can be third-party related to internal business-related losses. When transporting property by ship, there are always risks of damage.

    Please contact Infinity for more information.

    Professional Negligence Insurance

    Risk and liability services: Malaysia, Cambodia, or Vietnam

    This can be a powerful asset for any business operating in these countries.

    This type of insurance policy will protect a business from liability in terms of negligence. But unfortunately, we are all human, and mistakes can be made. It is therefore essential for businesses to have insurance against professional negligence.

    There is always a risk of bodily injury or property damage to third-party entities or your own employees and equipment. Therefore, it is essential to have a policy covering such legal liabilities in any country where you could operate.

    For more information, feel free to contact Infinity.

    Privacy Protection

    Our services specialize in finding the ideal policy for your business needs. We find policies that cover all your liability needs, whether third party or otherwise, including property damage and bodily injury, whatever kind of cover you require for your business liability.

    Our service is comprehensive, and we respect your confidentiality. In the case of insurance claims, there is a potential need for legal protection of your privacy. It is essential for our service to ensure the privacy of your business.

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