Yukie Tanaka - Japanese Financial Adviser

Yukie Tanaka

Senior Financial Consultant

  • Based in Asia

About Yukie

After graduating from the University of Michigan in the USA with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communications, I gained certification as a Voice Print Analyst. Over the course of my career I have worked in a number of different industries, including manufacturing, trade, HR consultation and the communications industry in Japan. I joined Infinity as a financial planner in 2006.

I hold qualifications from Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) based in the UK, the Singapore College of Insurance and IIQE from Hong Kong in Principles and Practice of Insurance, Long Term Insurance and Investment-linked Long-Term Insurance. I am now working towards obtaining Japanese financial planning qualifications in estate planning.

I am always keen to expand my formal qualifications and grow my experience within the financial sector as this enables me to better serve both existing and future clients. I strongly believe in a client-oriented approach and take great care to tailor my advice to each client’s unique personal situation. I also pay close attention to potential currency issues as this could have a significant impact when expatriate clients return to their home country.