Ben Bennett

Ben Bennett

Finance Director


London-born, I grew up in Guernsey, Channel Islands and have worked in the international insurance industry across three continents over the past 28 years. I am the Finance Director for Infinity Financial Solutions and also carries responsibility for the group’s compliance and regulation. Married with five children, I live in Kuala Lumpur.

I started my career working for a large international insurance company in the mid-80s and spent 13 years servicing their broker distribution network across South Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The experience and knowledge gained visiting literally hundreds of financial advisors was the best preparation I could have asked for when it came to the challenge of starting Infinity with Trevor and Judy. Learning from the mistakes of others and borrowing the most successful strategies of the best in the industry has no doubt given us an advantage and helped propel Infinity to being a market leading advisory firm in just 7 years.

My job roles of financial, regulatory and compliance management are certainly not the “sexy” part of the business but I have witnessed that even the most ambitious brokers with the smartest ideas soon falter it they don’t manage the business risks prudently. I think a youth spent riding motorbikes too fast satisfied my thirst for risk and now I can focus on making sure that Infinity’s rapid growth and regional expansion is achieved without too many speeding tickets and with no accidents.

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