Award-winning investment planning.

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    Professional portfolio management for a lump sum payment and regular savings.

    At Infinity, we specialise in financial planning.

    Our role is to examine a client’s goals and objectives, then understand the current situation of their personal finance, analyse the gap between the two and begin financial planning to bridge that gap. It is a very different function than that of an investment manager. Unfortunately, many other firms blur the lines between these two roles and, in many cases, merge them into one.

    The world’s best financial adviser firms don’t flatter themselves in believing they have the in-house expertise necessary to successfully manage portfolios for their clients. That’s why we made it our mission to seek out the best of the best in investment management so we can provide expats in Asia with professional, efficient, and risk-adjusted asset management and financial planning, no matter what their financial goals are.

    That’s why we have a partnership with a London-based, award-winning investment management company, the Evelyn Partners.

    A partnership designed to meet your investment goals

    The partnership between Infinity and Evelyn allows you, the client, to decide on what you want to achieve, whether you require a lump sum payment or service a regular savings account. For example, suppose you are looking for a cautious or adventurous outlook or a model, multi-asset, or bespoke portfolio. In that case, you can be assured that whatever your choice, Evelyn’s active management will maximise the potential and minimise the downside risk of your portfolio. There is often a lot to consider when investing; for instance, the procedure when working with mutual funds is different from that of basic rate taxpayers. In addition, the financial planning involved for a client looking to make a lump sum payment will differ from a client servicing a regular savings account. This is why Infinity’s specialisation in financial planning is essential as you deal with various investment options and engage with a financial institution.

    Evelyn’s award-winning investment management services are available in Asia exclusively through Infinity, making your life goals much more attainable, even as an expat in Cambodia, Vietnam, or Malaysia. In addition, a partnership with Evelyn has meant that our clients stand to gain far more, from a risk averse financial plan to retirement planning or a top-notch financial advisor.

    Award-winning investment management

    With a heritage of more than 180 years, the Tilney Group is renowned for the quality of their investment research; they operate one of the largest and most experienced teams of research analysts in the industry.

    In 2018 they earned the prestigious title of Wealth Manager of the Year at the Financial Times awards, a powerful indicator of their success. In partnering with Tilney, we believe we have secured the best in the business, building societies through wealth management and financial planning of the highest standard. Their reputation and results speak for themselves and are evidenced by their rich collection of significant industry awards and regular out-performance of their major competitors (as reported by independent monitors).

    To help our clients identify their life goals and meet their financial goals, we sought a partnership with an investment manager with a real pedigree and proven long-term success. With Tilney, we believe we’ve secured the best in the business – and as you invest, we think you’ll agree.

    To find out more about our partnership and the benefits and process of investing with Infinity Financial Solutions and Tilney, you can download our brochures

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