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    It’s no secret that healthcare costs across the world are on the increase, and that expats are often ‘on their own’ when it comes to medical insurance in Asia.

    Many of us at Infinity are expats ourselves, so we understand how vital it is to protect ourselves, and our families, with quality medical cover designed for all budgets.

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    Health Insurance: Asia

    Health insurance is an essential thing to have, no matter where you are or where you come from. Healthcare costs can be extremely high, and medical expenses can come on quite unexpectedly. So having access to health insurance that might lighten the load can be a great source of peace of mind. In Asia, you will also want access to private healthcare and thus private health insurance.

    We at Infinity realize this, and we can skillfully and efficiently guide you towards finding the best international health insurance plans to suit your individual health needs. We also realise that in some parts of Asia, it is important to have access to private healthcare facilities in order to receive the best medical services that Asian healthcare systems have to offer. This is yet another reason for you to invest in health insurance. Although it should be mentioned that health services in Asia are generally quite good. They have some of the best hospitals around the globe scattered across various countries in Asia.

    The low cost of the healthcare system and other medical expenses in Asia has led to it being a popular destination for medical tourism, which causes people to travel to Asia for surgical care that they might not have access to in their own countries. People can access hospitals, doctors, and specialists at a much lower cost than what is common in their own countries.

    Healthcare is more accessible in Asia than it is in some western countries; for example, the Malaysian government is committed to universal healthcare and has made strides in implementing the benefits of universal healthcare for all people in Malaysia.

    Comprehensive Health Insurance

    As with other countries, Asia offers basic health insurance plans and more comprehensive value proposition plans that can cover more of our medical costs than a basic health insurance plan would. We can help you find health insurers that allow you access to hospitals and a local doctor, as well as any additional access that is required for you to maintain your optimal health.

    In some instances, an international health insurance plan can be a much better option than specifically an expat health insurance plan or local private medical insurance as both of those options can be very expensive and less comprehensive. You might also need separate insurance plans, for example, a surgical insurance scheme and a separate scheme to cover medical expenses incurred for outpatient treatments. When looking at a Global health insurance plan, remember to ensure that medical evacuation is also covered. The wider the coverage of your plan, the better your chances at accessing the best doctors and hospitals that you can.


    Health Insurance Plans

    Did you know that there are specialized health insurers that provide exclusively an ex-pat health insurance plan? These are also available for those ex-pats living in Asian countries. There are quite a number of options to choose from, and it can all get a little bit overwhelming to choose good health insurers that offer the health benefits that require, but luckily Infinity offers tailor-made services to individuals living in Asian countries who find themselves in need to finding insurers.

    It is essential to consider a health plan that can provide expanded services such as outpatient care or use sophisticated equipment for complicated surgeries.

    Healthcare Systems in Asia

    Many Asian countries are ranked quite high in terms of quality healthcare systems. Overall the quality of medical care is quite good, and overall health and wellness are high because of these benefits. However, not every ex-pat health insurance plan will cover comprehensive healthcare. This is exactly why you can also benefit from the inside knowledge that we have at Infinity that covers all insurers and specifically what they cover. Different health insurers can also cater to different kinds of medical care within the healthcare system.

    For example, not all health insurers will cover private hospitals; some will only cover emergency treatment, preventive care is often not included in most general pans. Therefore it is important to find insurers with a core value proposition that will suit your needs as comprehensively as possible.

    You want to make sure that you have access to a private healthcare system instead of having to rely on the public healthcare system in Asian countries. Local citizens and permanent residents will always take president over tourists or expats and international citizens.

    Factors that Complicate Your Search

    Attempting to find a Health Insurance Provider on your own can be a challenging task, especially if you are fairly new to Asian Countries. You are likely not yet familiar with the healthcare system in countries in and around Asia; you may not speak the local language, you might have started a new job that takes up a lot of your time.

    You will need to understand how important wellness as a value proposition is for your family and the role that it will play in your selection of a healthcare plan and, by extension, healthcare providers. You also want to make sure that you cover any possible treatment you or your family might require in the future. You want to make sure that your insurers cover treatment at hospitals in your immediate area, especially if you are in one of the remote regions of Asia.

    All of these factors will impact your search for the ideal healthcare plan for you, wherever in Asia you might be. At Infinity, we share your concern for your and your family’s health, and we are equipped to help you sift through the long lists of insurers and find a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

    Remember that just because you do not have any serious illnesses does not mean that you can skimp on health insurance. Even international citizens and tourists can have accidents or require emergency general surgery in a foreign country.

    Public hospitals often lack resources and staff, and thus public hospitals are often not your first choice for your international health needs, especially if you are going to rural areas where government service is even more stretched.

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