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    Real estate Investment can play an essential role in a diversified portfolio.

    In recent years, it has become increasingly challenging to identify properties suitable for real estate investing. This is especially true for markets that have experienced unparalleled rises. Our diverse contacts and extensive knowledge of the region allow us to conduct exhaustive research on the real estate market and identify investment opportunities that will continue to increase in value for the foreseeable future. We help our clients explore the most promising international property investments throughout the Asian countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia.


    As an expat working abroad, you may start to contemplate investing in the real estate market individually or by means of mutual funds. This is where our regional expertise and local contacts can set you on the right path. Through our network of property partners, Infinity can offer our clients access to an impressive property portfolio of potential real estate investments worldwide. Additionally, Infinity works to make the property investment process as smooth as possible for international investors.

    Our extremely professional team aims to provide expert advice and guide our clients or their companies through the entire property investment process. So whether you are simply seeking guidance on investing in a residential property or looking for advice on financing options to gain ownership on a family home or even purchase your dream home, Infinity can provide you with adequate information on making smart property investments.

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    Why is Property Investment such a good option?

    Simply put, the property’s value will always go up if you make your real estate investment selection wisely. You can also make money continually through rental income. Foreign markets open up room for wealth building through property investment exponentially. It is also a great way to invest internationally. Real estate investing is one of the most stable and reliable international investment options available to foreign investors.

    The investment risk margin is relatively low if you have good insurance on your properties. There are also several different property types from which a foreign investor can choose. Not everyone wants to invest in residential properties. There are also business and other commercial properties, such as office buildings, with promising profit potential in the long-term; the markets are endless in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, and more properties will always lead to higher income.

    Investment property and the real estate market, in general, are also more resistant to dips in economic stability. So even when the financial situation in a country takes a knock, and you might lose a tenant, another who needs to downsize from a larger property can take their place, contributing to the success of your real estate investment. This will ensure a steady stream of rental income even in tough times in the economic sector and protect you from detrimental financial distress.

    The selling price is the initial price identified by the seller, but the purchase price refers to the actual cost that the real estate was eventually sold at. The golden rule for home buyers in real estate investing is to buy low and sell high.

    The whole process involved in real estate investing can require substantial financing, and the investment period may extend long-term. However, if the costs and risks run too high, especially when it comes to investing in commercial properties, there are several available ways for investors to approach real estate investments. These alternatives include real estate investment trusts, real estate sector-focused mutual funds, and real estate company stocks.

    Furthermore, if an investor has adequate insurance on their properties, the risk of losing your money on your investments is relatively low.

    Investment Property

    This type of property investment involves holding an office building, other forms of property, or a piece of land not occupied by the owner but rented out for capital gains. Most investors who invest in residential or commercial properties will know that there is always a high demand within this market. Capital gain can usually be relatively high if the property is adequately maintained or is low maintenance from the start.

    It can be a great source of primarily passive income to which the risk is comparatively low.

    Contact with tenants

    Very rarely will owners be in direct contact with a tenant. For the most part, a real estate agent serves as a liaison. The real estate agent is most often responsible for ensuring the upkeep of apartments and other units that are being rented out. The owner, in most countries, will carry maintenance costs, but for more information on that and how taxes on investment properties work, please contact your Infinity solutions agent immediately.

    Laws might differ depending on which country you intend to invest in.

    Why should I invest internationally?

    The international investment will significantly diversify your investment portfolio; contact your Infinity international investment adviser to discuss this in more detail.

    International property investment is a great way to get into a foreign market. It also ensures capital gain due to the high market value of real estate. If you are concerned about the cost of building maintenance, then there is also the option to invest in land, which can also be rented out for many different purposes.

    Many commercial or business entities often need vacant land for one reason or another. As a result, the risk is lower than it would be for a residential or business property with a building to maintain. However, most investors choose to work through an investment adviser who can help find an option that works for their individual preferences and needs.

    What do international investment advisers do?

    While international investing is widely popular, it is no small feat. The primary function of global is to do their due diligence. By looking into local markets, interest rates, partner sites, unique risks, latest property news in the context of local markets, and through an amalgamation of all this information, find a risk portfolio for rental properties that suits your individual needs as investors.

    They manage your local asset and help determine good times to sell and buy based on stock data, risk analysis, and interest rates with local and international markets. They also ensure your sale benefits you or your company and that you get the most from your real estate investment.

    Is there an international market for business and commercial rentals?

    Yes, many companies renting within a local market can branch out into foreign markets. This is either because they are looking to tap into emerging markets elsewhere or because they can find lower rental rates in an international market and want to move to other countries. It is then easier for them to try and rent from the same owner in different countries as a relationship has already been established. They also then do not have to worry about selling a property if they have been renting.

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