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    Got your passport and suitcase packed? What about travel insurance?

    Flight delays and hospitalisation can ruin your travel plans and dent your finances. Having the right travel insurance can soften the blow with compensation and repatriation. So, before you leave on your next business trip or a holiday, having travel insurance will set you on your journey with peace of mind.

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    What is Travel Insurance?

    This type of insurance policy covers any damages or costs associated with domestic or international travel. There are different options available, and Infinity solutions can help you find the travel insurance policy that is perfect for your needs. We understand that the expat life often involves travelling, either for business or seeing family and friends elsewhere in the world.

    While there are several comprehensive travel insurance packages available, let us take a quick overview of more specific travel insurance cover. In addition to these packages, you are also looking into flexible travel insurance plans.

    Travel Cancellation and Interruption Coverage

    This type of travel insurance policy covers expenses related to non-refundable or otherwise prepaid travel expenses that can be lost due to travel delay. It is a fairly affordable option for all the travel insurance policies on the market. When purchasing this type of policy, pay attention to the policy wording. It might contain essential information, and policy wording can help you select the best travel insurance policies.

    Multiple Destinations

    This is an especially wise option if you have multiple destinations on a single trip or are otherwise concerned about the possibility of travel cancellation. It is also common for business trips and holds definite benefit to an individual or company in terms of the cancellation cost.

    When you are flying to multiple destinations in a specific single trip, there is an increased risk of external factors interfering with your ability to catch a plane on time, for example. Finding travel insurance products that cover these unforeseen circumstances can give you great peace of mind.

    Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage

    Loss or damage of baggage and other personal effects is a major problem in the airline industry, and having expat travel insurance that covers such expenses can be very valuable for international travel, whether you are travelling for business or for other reasons. This is often one of the most key benefits of comprehensive plans and is absolutely essential if you are travelling for business with important equipment related to your business.

    Expat travel insurance policies should always involve some sort of travel insurance that covers baggage, ski equipment, or other optional extras that travellers can take abroad with them. The best travel insurance plans will make sure that this is covered.

    Medical Expenses Coverage

    Although we do not like to think about the possibility of needing medical care during a trip, it is an unfortunate possibility. Whether the medical treatment is for something easily solvable or whether it is due to a serious medical problem, it could be a great source of peace of mind to know that your travel insurance covers medical expenses and medical treatment wherever you are going. Remember that if you are travelling with family members, you need to make sure that their medical expenses or medical treatment are also covered in your travel insurance policy.

    This might be especially essential if you have a pre-existing medical condition. If your current health insurance plans already cover medical assistance abroad, then additional health insurance as part of expat travel insurance might not be necessary. For pre-existing medical conditions or for emergency medical treatment.

    If your current health insurance plan does not cover pre-existing conditions or medical assistance for medical emergencies, then you should seriously consider expat travel insurance that would cover, at the very least medical emergencies.

    When you have hobbies like white water rafting, the risk of an emergency medical situation is high enough to warrant travel insurance options that cover emergency medical care in many countries.

    Death and Flight Accident Coverage

    This type of travel insurance is often only paid out to family members unless you survive the accident. This only covers flight-related deaths and might not even be needed if you already have some form of accident cover or life insurance policy. Medical treatment will be covered under medical expenses coverage and not under this category.

    This kind of cover is important for travel related to holidays or business. Expat travel insurance can relate to any type of travel. Some agencies offer an annual policy offering multi-trip cover anywhere in the world. You never know what can go wrong with your travel plan and what can happen to you in other countries.

    Comprehensive Travel Insurance Cover

    Personal Finance, Corporate finance, and the expat life.

    It is perhaps a better idea to opt for a comprehensive cover that would cover you for a variety of the above mentioned. There are also options that cover rentals that you make use of during your travels. You should be able to choose between multi-trip and single trip cover as well.

    In terms of your personal finance decisions and financial instruments available to expats, travel insurance is one of those wise financial decisions that we can make when it comes to our money matters. That way we can take a trip to anywhere in the world and visit as many countries as we like while enjoying peace of mind.

    Infinity understands how important personal finance is and what a huge benefit it can be to our assets overall. However, especially with the economy in its current state, we need to protect our assets as far as possible, regardless of our destination or even our age.

    You will need to be careful in reviewing policy wording and being on the lookout for fine print information such as hidden additional premium, government restrictions, hidden costs, or some other cost that might not be covered as part of the policy key benefits. This is important regardless of whether the decision to invest in travel insurance is for personal finance solutions or for corporate finance solutions. You should also be able to review optional extras that you can add to your purchase to enhance your cover. Make sure that you have access to the full details and benefits, but also risks of the policy you want to purchase.

    Infinity can discuss any of the broad categories listed above or comprehensive options that can be matched to your income or individual business needs. If you live abroad, it can be tricky to find the right policy to purchase, especially in the time of Covid-19. Destination regulations can differ greatly from country to country, and a single trip with multiple destinations can be a nightmare to navigate, especially when you are also looking for total flexibility.

    Travel insurance will always count in your benefit and save you money should the unthinkable happen on your trip. We can assist with a very specific cover or broader cover that can include anything from scuba diving accidents to natural disasters. The last thing that you want on your trip is to spend money on negative situations that you cannot control but will sap your cash if not provided for in insurance resources.

    We offer assistance to people who make their residence in Asia, but regardless of where you live, be it in Europe or the UK or elsewhere in the world, regardless of age or details of your travel plan, or any other factor, it is always important to invest in travel insurance for your trip. Contact an agency today, phone or e-mail! And if you are in Asia, contact us directly!

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