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If you've more to invest, we can offer exceptional access to information and opportunities.

For people with US$400,000 or more to protect, grow, or draw an income from, there’s Infinity wealth management.

Infinity Financial Solutions has joined forces with multi-award winning investment advisory firm the Tilney Group to offer its clients access to expertly managed portfolios. We believe it represents one of the best wealth management solutions in Asia.

The Tilney Group is UK-based and currently has in excess of £25 billion in assets under management for their clients worldwide. We are confident that they can deliver the excellent returns – and levels of service – that Infinity clients are looking for.

And we’re not the only ones who think so – they’ve won an impressive array of awards, including the Financial Times ‘Best Wealth Manager for Investments’ as recently as 2018. We’re proud to be the only financial adviser in Asia to be able to offer Tilney’s Managed Portfolio Service to our clients.

We believe that our exclusive partnership with Tilney in Asia will offer Infinity clients the best of both worlds – excellent financial planning combined with exceptional investment management.

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About Tilney

Tilney was established in 1986 and is a leading investment advisory business. Their sizeable (and growing) asset base enables them to drive down costs and deliver one of the best value discretionary investment management services available.

Over the past 25 years, the Tilney Group has built its business by:

  • Offering market-leading independent research
  • De-mystifying investment markets for investors
  • Providing a broad and professional wealth management service
  • Offering investment expertise with transparent, competitive pricing.

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