Pension Planning Across Asia

Start planning today for a retirement that you can really look forward to.

Generally speaking, people who work abroad, work hard. So it follows that a secure retirement is hugely important to them, whether it’s years away, or just around the corner.
And with good earnings potential and significant tax advantages, expats have a unique opportunity to achieve their goal. And Infinity’s bespoke pension planning services across Asia can help you get there.
With an ever-changing investment landscape and increasing regulation, retirement planning seems to get more challenging every year. A clear plan, and real expertise, are essential.

Our approach starts with a detailed report that takes clients’ existing circumstances into consideration – along with their plans, their attitude to risk – and that all-important target retirement date.

Along with income levels and geographical location, retirement objectives can change. That’s why we create flexible plans that can adapt as life changes.

As you’d expect, we have access to an extensive range of pension wrappers from some of the world’s leading providers – as well as the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the most suitable investment funds within them. Our pension planning services are available across the Asia region and we can help you get the retirement solution that best suits your needs.

We also build regular reviews into our proposals – a vital part of keeping plans on track.

QROPS: for people with UK pension funds

“Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Plans” were launched in 2006 by the British government as a way to help Brits to retire abroad – and to take their pensions with them. And it’s not only British nationals who can benefit.

Pension funds left in the UK are heavily taxed – in some cases more than 80%. Transferring a UK pension fund to a QROPS scheme can avoid UK taxation. It’s a great scheme with some outstanding benefits …but with strict HMRC qualifying criteria and around 2,000 QROPS schemes currently available, choosing the right one for you can be daunting.

We have a specialist, dedicated QROPS desk who can talk you through the process of identifying and setting up the right QROPS plan. Contact them for assistance with an pension transfer questions.


Get in touch We can help you achieve the secure retirement you’re looking forward to.

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