28th Sep 2022
The Next Decade – Quarterly Market Update with Evelyn Partners

The 2020s have got off to a choppy start: a global pandemic and a major war between Russia and Ukraine have caused significant disruption in the global economy and financial markets.

Looking forward, it seems that we are now embarking on a period of increased uncertainty compared to the relatively benign period following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Policymakers and investors face a series of challenges that will need to be tackled, including energy security, ageing populations, a reconfiguration of global trade and commerce, and greater geopolitical risk. It promises to be a difficult market environment.

In this presentation, hosted by Infinity, Rob Clarry, Investment Strategist at Evelyn Partners, shed some light on the current economic landscape, and provided some guiding principles for investors on how to navigate them.

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12th July 2022
Q2 Market Update and Deglobalisation

As the pace of global integration is decelerating and the US and China continue decoupling their economies and technology ecosystems, are we witnessing the end of globalisation? How is deglobalisation impacting the markets? And what are the repercussions for investors? Infinity hosted a webinar with Rob Clarry, Investment Strategist and Associate Director at Evelyn Partners, who reviewed the macro-economic environment of the second quarter of 2022 and gave his take on the emerging pattern of world commerce dubbed ‘slowbalisation’.

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22nd June 2022
Is Sustainable Investing A Good Idea?

Sustainable Investing is a hot topic across the globe and we are delighted to bring to you a webinar to look at sustainable investing and how to avoid the associated pitfalls. Infinity welcomed Kate Capocci, Associate Director of Evelyn Partners and together we discussed sustainable investment’s remarkable shift from marginal to mainstream and explained how sustainability is implemented. We also delved into the murky world of greenwashing and how it can be avoided.

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15th June 2022
Australian Tax Planning for Expats

If you an Australian expat living in Asia or thinking about returning to Australia at some point, this webinar designed precisely with you in mind. Matt Heron, Tax Planning Division Manager of Australasian Taxation Services at SMATS Group shared his unrivalled knowledge on the financial issues faced by Australian expats. During this webinar Matt covered all the major tax planning considerations for Australian expats including:

  • Australian tax benefits as an Expat
  • Tax planning while non-resident
  • What may be taxable upon your return to Australia
  • The action you need to take prior to your return
  • How to legally minimise Australian taxation
  • Principal Place of Residency (PPOR)
  • Capital gains tax (CGT) on overseas assets
  • The merits of trusts, companies and superannuation

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10th May 2022
Implementing A Medium Term Investment Strategy

Infinity hosted a webinar with Tilney Smith and Williamson to discuss how investors should ignore short-term market noise, and outlined how to implement a medium-term investment strategy that makes sense in the current economic landscape.

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27th April 2022
Macro Economic Update and What Could Be Next

News headlines in the first three months of 2022 have been dominated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and rapidly rising inflation. How have these momentous events affected the markets and what might the future bring? Infinity hosted a webinar giving a general macro-economic update on the first quarter of 2022 with a look ahead at what might be in store in the medium term.

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09th March 2022
Russia – Ukraine Conflict – Your Top 5 Questions Answered

Turmoil and terror have been seen across Ukraine after the invasion by Russia. Infinity hosted this informative live webinar with Rob Clarry, Investment Strategist at Tilney and Lewis Cohen, Director of Investment Strategy at Tilney, where we answered 5 main questions regarding the Russia – Ukraine conflict, including aspects such as what the conflict may mean for your investment strategy.

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27th January 2022
Demystifying ESG and a Look at How It Plays An Important Part In An Investment Portfolio

Following on from our economic review of 2021 and thoughts for 2022 webinar, Infinity hosted a second session focusing on the the hugely exciting and fast-moving world of sustainable investing.

ESG investing has gone mainstream in the last few years and provides an attractive investment opportunity as the global economy becomes more focused on sustainability. Investors can now invest responsibly without sacrificing returns. However, choosing sustainable and ethical investments is not easy, especially with greenwashing rife.

In this webinar, Tilney’s Lewis Cohen, Director of Investment Strategy and Harriette Collings, Director of Business Development, took a deep dive into the ESG investment landscape and the important role ESG investments can play in a portfolio, not only from a social and responsible standpoint but also from a pure investment perspective.

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20th January 2022
Economic Review Of 2021 And Thoughts For 2022

Infinity hosted the first webinar of 2022 with Tilney. This kicked off a series of scheduled quarterly reviews which took a deep dive into specific themes related to the global economic environment.

At this event, Daniel reviewed the economic landscape of 2021, as well as gave his thoughts on the outlook for 2022 and beyond. This will be followed by a second session taking a closer look at ESG funds and the important role they can play in an investment portfolio.

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04th November 2021
Lifting the Lid on your investments

This session is a follow-up to our webinar held on 28th October in which Gareth Lewis, Managing Director of Investment Strategy at Tilney, focused on structural changes to the global economy and longer-term drivers of high inflation.

Infinity hosted the webinar with Tilney to answer any of your questions arising from the earlier webinar with Gareth Lewis and took a deeper look at some of the funds currently in the Tilney Portfolios and why they are there.

We are pleased to enclose some content we think may be of interest.

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